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July 2015

Things are not what they seem to BE!

Most of the time, we are quite busy being played by what is in our subconscious - as in old programs of limitations we created to experience outside of our heart space!  The big three limitations are mistrust, not feeling deserving and being alone/loss of any kind.  All of us deal with one, two or all three of these limitations!  This is what I describe as being in the forest, where all you can see are the same trees over and over again!  Your subconscious runs 24x7 and when you awake in the morning and open your eyes, your consciousness dips into your subconscious and holds into form whatever is playing in the subconscious (karmic cycles).  So if there are any old programs of limitations still in your subconscious, you are essentially telling the universe to create another event for you to react emotionally to fit the criteria of the limiting program(s).  So, many times, our mind/head will hold onto something that we think is true, only to find out that we have been playing out a "false" illusion!  And when that does happen, we react emotionally and are quite distressed and disappointed!  However, you can do a very simple process to help take you out of playing these "false" illusions.  If you find yourself reacting emotionally to any event (and all events are neutral), then be aware that spirit is tapping you on the shoulder and asking you, "this is on the surface now", "what is it that you want to do with this emotion?".  You then have a couple of choices: 1) do nothing and and the karmic cycle will keep being presented to you over and over and over again until you "hit the wall".  Then, and only then, do you release the old program because you have essentially told spirit, "I cannot do this anymore, please take it and allow me to be released of this limitation!" (this can take a long time!!) or 2)  You then 'hand' the emotion you just reacted to and give it to spirit, then take three deep breaths (which puts you into touch with spirit (heart) immediately), and then ask from your heart, "I need a solution please, thank you!"  Now, when you do this, spirit will immediately begin to bring you solutions made in Love to replace the limitation that you had been experiencing (this all about the law of attraction - everything comes to you, you never go to it!  If you remove the limitation, then that old program will not play for you to experience Again!).  This simple process will change your script, raise your vibrational frequency, scrub the subconscious, complete karmic cycles and that will allow your to take a bit more of the mud and muck that has covered up your light and love in your heart so that you can shine and illuminate a bit more brightly!.....This process then gives you back your clarity and freedom and allows your inspiration to be unfolded to assist you in creating things that you desire instead of focusing your energy on things that you know that you do not want!  So next time, if you react emotionally to any event, pay attention to the tap on the shoulder from spirit, then give spirit the emotion (they will throw it in the dumpster for you!), take three deep breaths, get in touch with your spirit and then ask from your heart for solutions!  New Solutions are then on the way!  Let spirit put you up on the hill so that you can observe what is really going on and then allow yourself to make the choice of either, 1)"Do I really need to go back down into the forest Again?" or 2) "Stay up on the Hill!  I would recommend that staying up on the hill will make you smile!  Big time! 


June 2015

You may have heard something similar to this saying, “The more you resist, the more the problem will persist”.   In other word, the more that you try to push something away, the more that it will present itself to you. We all have been in this position – we think (using your head and logic) that just when we have gotten rid of the issue, its raises its ugly head again. It is because we have been trying to solve the problem by logic, reasoning, rationalization or analytics. There is no logic or reasoning or rationalization or analytics in your heart space. NONE! Only Unconditional Love is found there and this is the only way you can solve any of the problems that you are facing. Remember, you are playing out old separation (from the heart) programs still running in your subconscious – this is all about NOT being able to have and enjoy the Total Abundance that the universe has been trying to give you!  These programs of not being able to have and enjoy the abundance are found in the big three limitations that we have created so that we could experience them (mistrust, not being deserving and being alone/loss) - and they are ONLY experiences that you have created.  Now, you have go into your heart space (three deep breaths) and ask from that space. This is the only place that you can dissolve and dissipate these old programs and scrub them from the subconscious. Your head (consciousness) will hold these programs into form if it is in your subconscious. So when you open your eyes and you wake up in the morning, if the programs have not been scrubbed from the subconscious, the programs will be held into form and the universe will give you what is playing in the subconscious AGAIN!  So, the more that you push back, resist, get annoyed, angry, frustrated about these programs that have created any limitations for yourself, the Universe will give exactly what you Are asking for.  You must TRULY and UNEQUIVOCALLY have unwavering faith and trust in your heart space knowing that when you ask from your heart, it is already on the way!  When we ask from the head/mental/ego perspective, it is just wishful thinking and you will continue to push the dead horse and the cart with no wheels up the hill AGAIN!  If you observe all the same types of instances that have appeared to you that you have experienced being denied the abundance of the Universe, you will notice that the underlying theme is the same: most everyone you interact with are just mirroring the belief within you - they are just actors reading your script, nothing more. They know not what they do! So, every time you seek out a solution that is outside of you, you will get the same answer! Your head will them confirm it to you that you are stuck with the problem, you can't change it AND you settle for less AGAIN.  This all about facing your fears - stare the lion directly in the eyes, and the lion disappears! The old programs running in the subconscious are based on fear and more likely than not, based on the big three limitations, that have compromised your clarity and freedom.  The only place you can change these old programs is within your heart.  You cannot change it in your head, that is just wishful thinking and will leave you frustrated and you will continue to struggle playing the same programs over and over. Remember, everything comes to you, that is the Law of Attraction.  You must begin by loving yourself unconditionally with no strings, conditions or attachments.  You must affirm to yourself that you are rich, wealthy and affluent on ALL levels.  The energy work is all about releasing and letting go, loving yourself unconditionally and know that when ask within your heart space, it is already done.  You have allow yourself to Receive! The solutions are already awaiting you right now and have been all along!  So, when you truly believe in yourself and love yourself unconditionally, the universe will provide, merely by asking from your heart space!  The solutions are looking for you, not the other way around!  The more you push, try to force, become frustrated, you will only attract that which at you are putting out to the universe.  The universe doesn't judge, it just gives you what you ask for.  Remember, in your heart space three is no reasoning, rationalization, logic or analytics.  There is only unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and abundance in your heart.  Go there and be there and let your magic and inspiration unfold. Allow yourself to receive the abundance and these old programs too shall pass.  Change your Energy, Change your Light! Keep smilin’!.....Namaste....Dake it Easy......Michael


May 2015          

Which side of Enlightenment are you on?
     I will paraphrase a saying from the philosophy of Buddism:  "Before Enlightenment you chop wood and carry water; After Enlightenment you chop wood and carry water!"  Now this may seem like a conundrum that is quite puzzling - isn't this saying the same thing?  Enlightenment allows you to be in your heart, come from your heart and be in the flow and grace of your inspiration. It means that you do not have to struggle with life.  It allows you to become your miracles.  It allows you to shine and illuminate your love and your light.  It allows you to walk in peace within.  It allows you to have clarity, freedom and the unfolding of your inspiration of your heart's desires!  It allows all of your possibilities to be endless.  We, as human beings, usually are striving to try and rid ourselves of burdens and limitations (Karma) - things that we struggle with in this physical experience. The big three limitations that we struggle with are: Mistrust Issues, Not Feeling Deserving and Being Alone/Loss.  We all have had experiences dealing with all of these issues in some form or manner. These experiences occur within ourselves "before" enlightenment - in other words, these are the burdens and struggles that we deal with on a daily basis.  We can call these Karmic - we are operating on old programs that are in our subconscious.  We let our subconscious run the show as we are very busy reacting emotionally to events that happen to us.  So, as we clear and release old programs from the subconscious, we give ourselves back our freedom, clarity and inspiration that we have given away! Leading and being in your heart is "after" Enlightenment.  You observe events from a different perspective, up on the hill, so to speak - you don't react the way you used to react when events would occur.  You gain your trust back and you stand in your power.  You notice it is okay to receive and when you receive, it is fun!  So, next time you go to chop wood or carry water, is it a burden or an Ease?  And which side do you choose to be on?!  When you change your energy, you change your life! 

March 2015
Is the Light Bulb really stuck?
I have shared this story with folks along the way since the beginning of this last February - this really happened to me and it was so powerful in that it seemed so inoculous but at the same time, it really represents the essence of realizing that everything in not ALWAYS what it seems to Be!  It goes like this....We have a light fixture in our main bathroom that has 5 sockets with 40 watt globe bulbs.  My wife, Isabelle, let me know that one of the end bulbs was not working - it would flicker, go on, go off (mostly off).   When she tried to change the bulb out, she discovered that the bulb was stuck in the socket and then informed me that the bulb was stuck in the socket.  Since I don't use that bathroom much, it wasn't too much of a priority for me and I told her that I would see what I could do.   Then, I promptly forgot about the bulb that needed to be changed!  About a week later, she reminded me that bulb was still not working.  So, that Saturday I was doing all other kinds of things around the house and I managed to remember that I needed to check the bulb.  So, in passing the bathroom, I thought I would be able to sneak up on the light bulb and surprise it!   I went in and reached up to remove the bulb from the socket - and by golly, the light bulb was stuck!  I tried to twist it gently so as not to put too much torque on it lest it break off in my hand.  To no avail, I let it go because I was busy doing other more "important" things and besides that, the other 4 bulbs were working!  So, off I went, completely forgetting about changing the light bulb again!  Well, about a week had passed and I awoke on a Monday morning and got into the shower to get ready for the day and I heard a voice saying, "Are you going to change the light bulb?"  Well, of course, it dawned on me that I still needed to change the light bulb in the other bathroom!  So, I acknowledged the voice, nodded yes and then promptly forgot about it as I was too busy just waking up!  So, I got myself ready and went to fix breakfast and such.  When I finished breakfast, I went into my office to start sessions for the day and I no more than sat down in my chair when I heard the voice again, "Are you going to change that light bulb?".  Well, since the bathroom was just around the corner and I had a few minutes before my first session started, I got up and went into the bathroom to change the light bulb.  I reached up like I did before and began to give a twist - there was a slight resistance and then it just unscrewed with very little effort!  I changed the bulb and everything was right with the world again!  So, anyway, my story is all about paying attention and being aware that things are not ALWAYS what they seem to be.  Your mind will always present you with what you hold into form.  It will allow things to appear as you think they are.  In my case, since Isabelle told me that light bulb was stuck, my mind took that thought and belief that the bulb was indeed stuck.  Also playing in the back ground, you can call it the subconscious/mass consciousness, all the things related to light fixtures and light bulbs!  Since we are here to create all things possible, here are some of the things that my mind was holding into form:  we have collectively created the light fixture, the light bulbs, the sockets, the electricity, the danger of torquing the bulb that could break off and cut you with the glass shards, the light bulb end getting stuck or fused in the light fixture socket, the danger of being electrocuted or shocked, the hassle of having to go turn off the electricity and everything else related to problems surrounding light fixtures and electricity.  So, when I originally went in to change the bulb, in my mind, it was stuck.  Then when I literally let the problem go - as in, this was not a big deal, there were four other lights working so the bathroom was still functioning and I let go of the outcome - I didn't care if the light bulb was replaced or not.  In other words, when I released what I thought was going on - the bulb was stuck - then I changed all the parameters that allowed the bulb to be seemingly stuck when it wasn't stuck in the first place!  Always pay attention to what you "see" with your mind - you may be very surprised that things are now ALWAYS what they seem to be!  So, always look behind the storefront/facade and notice what is really going on behind the scenes!  This will allow you to make a choice to change old programs and patterns that have been in the way of you receiving the abundance that the universe is giving to you!  Apply this with everything and you will be amazed at how things shift from being difficult or being an obstacle to being something that will be an ease and make you smile!  I can assist you with the "stuck" light bulb(s)!  Remember this work is all about you - to shine and illuminate your love and your light! 


May 2014  A Perspective
       When we elected to don bodysuits and a physical form here on good ol’ planet earth– there were some very basic rules that we were given........Create and Experience all things possible!  This meant that we could begin creating from outside of our heart space.  Creating outside of our heart space has allowed us to experience limitations of all kinds (separation from our heart space) – emotions, intellectual and mental constructs – which are dual in nature i.e., good/bad, right/wrong, black/white and so on!  This allows us to judge ourselves and others and so to experience these emotions and to give away our power in many different manners, shapes and forms.  So, the big three things that all of us work on are Mistrust issues, Not Being Worthy/Not Deserving issues and Abandonment/Alone issues. The duality and separation are Karmic (karma means comeback in Sanskrit) – you can also give them the connotation of “sin” in a religious definition.  They are not wrong or right/ good or bad – they are something that you created to experience limitations/suffering – because in your heart, there is none of this – in your heart, you just ARE, being Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, Abundance and Non-resistance! Non-resistance is not reacting emotionally to events that happen!  The head/mind/brain is very good at holding onto (like the proverbial bear-trap with a live bear in the trap) all kinds of things that do not serve our highest interest.   It is afraid of letting go of anything because it “FEARS” the unknown.  It is very tiny, small and not very powerful!  So, when we began the game, we all wrote a script for ourselves and then handed it to the universe.  Then the universe took your script and went to central casting and and central casting has provided the actors.  So ANYONE, regardless of how you define them, in the past, present or future are all just actors and actresses playing the role of the script that YOU wrote to experience.  Nothing more!  The actors Know NOT what they do!!  So if you react emotionally to an event (and all events are neutral), the first thing is to be aware that you just reacted emotionally.  Then DO NOT beat yourself up or be hard on yourself!  Remember, you created this emotion (limitation).  Since you created it, you can dissolve and dissipate it back into your heart space.   Remember, everything comes to you!  You do not go to it!  This the all about the law of attraction.  If there is an old program/limitation still running within you, it will attract the actors to play out that part of the program that you created so that you can "re-live" the experience that you created!  So the main thing is to become aware that you just reacted emotionally, as spirit is telling you that this is on the surface (AGAIN!) and you now can choose to release it or keep it.  If you keep it, it will play over and over and over again (karmic cycle) until you put your foot down and demand that you will not play this game or keep on choosing the same old solution!  Once you are aware that this emotion is on the surface and you decide to choose a new solution, you then take three deep breaths (which gets you into your heart space immediately), then cast the burden of that emotion – for example, “ I cast this burden of anger into my Christ Consciousness (higher self) within and I now will be freed and released forever!” , then in the same breath, you say to your team/spirit, “I need a solution, Thank you!”.  Then once you ask within your heartspace/spirit, your job is to be still, quiet and listen and let your team/spirit bring you a divinely orchestrated solution (do NOT use your head/mind for a solution – you will get a plate of catfood!) and once you receive the solution, then you bring it forward into this left brain world and make it visible!  In other words, you chose different solution which then completes the old karmic cycle, which in essence, you have scrubbed your subconscious and then when you awake in the morning, that program is not available in the subconscious to run in your projection that you are consciously experiencing each day!  You get a banquet and a feast when you ask from your heart/spirit!  When you ask from your heart/spirit, you shall receive AND you will always receive more that you ask for!  You cannot lose anything that you have created in your heart/spirit and it can’t be taken away as opposed if you created outside your heart where you come from a position of lack (you are under the Law of Expectations) and you tell the universe that you have a fear of loss – the universe will oblige you with realizing your fears!  In your heart/spirit, you are now under the Grace and the Law of Expectancy is in place.  Vision with your heart/spirit and allow your magic to become you!  You have now brought more of YOU back into your heart/spirit (and you don’t give away yourself!)  to create what it is that you desire!  Since you are a creator and that means that you are part of God – you would not be here if that was not the case!  Your job is to create and experience – it is not your job to manifest anything!  That is your teams/spirits' job – they do the hows and whys!  If you try to do the hows and whys, you will struggle AND if that is what you choose, then the universe will give you what you ask for!  So be careful what you ask for!  Remember to always be in your heart/spirit!  Unconditionally forgive yourself and all others, then release them and allow yourself to receive and accept the love and light of the universe

April 2013

Clearing – Clearing – Clearing!


Most of you that have been delving into the metaphysical side of the universe have probably heard of the word or process of clearing.   Clearing is the course of action that describes the method of releasing or letting go of old patterns, paradigms and programs that we have accumulated.  These programs reside in our subconscious.  Our subconscious stores these programs in our many different dimensional layers and fields that we define as our earthly physical body.  Most of these programs have been created by us and then after we have experienced them, we don’t release them, but we hang on to them because we “think” (read ego mind) they are important.  This is where it becomes a bit problematic.  We are creators.  We are here to create, experience our creation and then release the experience so that we can create anew!   However, we hang on to all of this “important” stuff that just clogs up the energy flows within our bodies.  I liken it to “space junk” – not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.  The space is filled with emotional and mental constructs that do not serve our highest interests, blocks the flow of energies and creates a physical dis-ease in the body.  Clearing work involves removing “stuck” energy patterns/programs in a way that your energy channels get a good clean out.  Old energy is removed and replaced by new, high vibrational energy.   Raising your vibrational energy by clearing old patterns is the key to feeling better and gives you clarity on all levels.   Clearing allows us to remove karmic and ancestral burdens that we have been carrying for a long time.  In effect, we are clearing the subconscious of karmic cycles and that allows us to refocus the energies tied to these cycles back to our heart space.  It allows us to stand in our power.  This in turn, raises our vibrational frequency.  The more clearing that you do on all levels will allow you to reach higher and higher vibrations.  This means that you are not being so affected by lower level frequencies, such as mass consciousness.  When you raise your frequencies, life, in this left brained world we have created, becomes easier!   The more often you do clearing work, the better you will feel and it allows you to accelerate your “healing” from old patterns and programs.  You then feel the difference of being in the flow and you are aware if you try to “force” something, you can feel the lower vibrational frequencies around you!  Keeping your vibrational frequencies at the highest level possible will enable you to shine and illuminate your love and light from your heart.  This puts you in the flow and under grace!  So do clearings on a regular basis and start changing your life!  Change your Energy, Change your Life!...............Namaste………Dake it Easy…….Michael



February 2013


Looking for that magic answer to life?  Well, most everyone is!  But it is elusive! So here is the riddle:  It has always existed and it is has never gone anywhere, but why is it so hard to find? So, what is the answer to this riddle?  It is in your heart space as it is a sum total of your higher self, consciousness and your soul or subconscious)!  It is the key part of you that has been covered up/neglected because we have been told over and over that everything that is worth anything lies outside of us! We have allowed ourselves to delve, play and exist in what can be loosely defined as the fourth dimensional astral plane.  This is the realm where duality or Karma resides!  Everyone contributes to it – so when you play out here in this space – you always come from a position of lack, because fear is the underlying lynchpin – in other words, you really have very little control of what happens when you draw from this “pool” of emotions and constructs.  And, it is all too real!  It fills up our subconscious and it you don’t “scrub” out this part of you, you are subject to not only your thoughts, but all of the others that contribute to mass consciousness’ thoughts as well!  So don’t complain next time that you ran out of something because you had a fear of losing it!  This is often a common result of being under the law of Karma!  Within you though, is your heart space – it is the essence of you and your divinity!  You always come from a position of abundance in your heart because there is NO Fear – it can’t exist here!  The only thing you can have in your heart is Love!  This is not an emotion.  This is You!  This is you as a creator!  When you stay in your heart and give out love, the only thing you can get back is love!  Conversely, if you want to play in Karma land, then, be aware, any result can occur – from good to bad to horrible to so-so!  You are always at risk of losing it all!  Be careful what you ask for, because the universe will provide it – and I might add, with the new energies that are here now, it occurs very, very quickly!  Instantaneous Karma!  Yikes! Within your heart, it is impossible to lose anything!  Can’t happen!  When you dissolve and dissipate karmic cycles back into your heart space, you scrub your subconscious of these emotions and scenarios, which means, you can’t draw these cycles or events back into your life (consciousness)!  You become non-resistant, meaning that you don’t emotionally react to events that earlier would have triggered a tired and worn out response that you have been repeating over and over for many lifetimes!  So make a choice to ACT and then choose to apply a new solution to an old issue – scrub your subconscious and when you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, you will notice that the DVD that is projecting your reality has now been re-scripted!  You don’t have to apply or direct any energy to things that are not in your highest interest!  You now have more power to create within your heart and create the magic that YOU are!  Become your miracles, be your magic!  Be in your heart as much as you can and the magic will become YOU!.............Namaste………….Dake it Easy…………..Michael

January Blog 2013


There is a saying “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”  Well, if you create from your heart (and not your head), you cannot fail!  Can’t happen!  There is no fear in your heart!  For everything you create within your heart is perfect!  Since you are a creator, then ergo, it is perfect!  For in your heart there is only Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, Non- Resistance and Abundance!  When you send out Love from your heart, the only thing you can receive back is Love!  Many people “think” that they are praying with their heart, when in reality, they are praying with their heads – under the law of duality or Karma!  This is wishful thinking at its best!  Most of the time nothing happens or we are mightily disappointed because we have set expectations outside of our heart.  Within your heart, you are not subject to the dualities of the law of Karma, i.e., good and bad or right and wrong.  It is the unwavering faith in your heart that is called the law of expectancy.  This means that you create within your heart, your desire with unconditional love.  Then you see yourself as the end result of your creation (it has already happened!).  Never mind trying to manifest what you think you want – manifesting is the universe’s job (always has been!).  When you create or ask within your heart, you shall be given what you have asked for – Always!  Ask and you shall receive and when you receive, you will receive more than you asked for!  For this is being under the Grace of God!  If you try creating using your head, you fall under the law of Karma – in other words, you set expectations – AND so what happens when you set expectations instead of expectancy?  This is like pulling the rhinoceros out of the hat instead of the rabbit!  Yikes!  In other words, you don’t really know what you are going to get!  It could run the gambit of everything from what we define as good to horrible and everything else in between!  This scenario happens to us every day all the time!  So, next time you ask for something, ask fearlessly with unwavering faith, and KNOW whatever you requested is on its way!  Change your Energy, Change your Life!  Life should be fun!  Get into the Flow! ……………Namaste…………Dake it Easy………Michael Dake

January 2013

2013 – New Frequencies, Expanded Time and Way Cool Stuff!

                Changes?  What Changes?!!!  Change is the only constant thing in this Universe(s).  When you do not fear the change, then there is not ANYTHING you CANNOT do!  The new energies being ushered in are allowing everyone to realize that if whatever you are doing that is NOT making you HAPPY, then you are being reminded that YOU can choose to CHANGE IT!  It is not about anyone else, IT is all about YOU! And it is not being selfish! Remember, we are creators and we are here to create and experience, then let go of the experience!  It has been inculcated, for a very long time, into us that we have to hold on to experiences because they are important – (well, at least at the time we choose to create the experience they seemed important!).  But as long as we hold onto old experiences (read Karma), we get in the way of ourselves (mental and emotional constructs!).  In other words, we have been told that once we create something, our mind has to take a hold of the idea and then we have to manifest (i.e., the how’s and why’s) the thing that we have created!  So, since it was never man’s “job” to manifest anything (that is the universe’s job), we have gotten the notion that it is really hard to get what we want – it is soooo hard!  It is really important to get out of your head as these are mental and emotional constructs that have been created outside your heart – or duality of Karma! Releasing the old – or surrendering it to the divine (an emotion or mental construct) is imperative.  And we wonder why things don’t get better!  There is an old Chinese saying, “When you find yourself in a hole, STOP digging”!  It is the duality that is now going away with the advent of these new energies coming at us at warp speed!  When you start to understand that you can complete Karmic cycles and dissolve and dissipate them back into their native nothingness, then you begin to create solely in your heart!  There is no duality in your heart – there is only love!  You focus on the end result of your creation (in other words, you see yourself there at the end result)!  Also realize, that within your heart is NO reasoning, rationalization or logic!  You just are!  Learn to be in your heart at all times and just BE!  You can only have abundance when you create from your heart!  Try it, you will find yourself amazed at how easy things can be – you will find it easier to do things, create things that have not been yet created and do more and more by doing less and less!  Sign me up for this is good Way Cool Stuff!  I have seen and felt incredible changes in the people I have been blessed to work with either in the office or long distance!  It is time to shine and illuminate your light from within!  I can assist you to get you to the next levels!  Accelerate your healing!  Get out of your Head and into your Heart!  This is Way Cool Stuff and if you want to be on the cutting edge of this transformation, I can help you on your journey to bring out the unique gift that each and every one of you has to share with the rest of the universe!  2013 will be a wondrous year!  Look with Wonder at that which is before You!  I do want to also share that many of you will be experiencing “expanded” time – in other words, you will begin to really understand the real constraints of linear time that we have induced upon ourselves and you will realize that you don’t have to be restricted by time anymore!  This is Good Stuff!  One last thing that I need to share in this article – I have been told many times over in recent sessions that it is time to stop being so serious about everything and I have been instructed to tell everyone the following:  “Let your hair down, sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching and above all, Laugh and Giggle, Laugh and Giggle – THEN, Laugh and Giggle some More!”  Life should be fun so get into the flow!  Looking forward to seeing you and assisting you further into your Journey in 2013!

December 2012

Welcome to December 2012!  On our collective calendar is a date of 12/21/2012 – and according to the folks in the know, there is a big shift that is supposed to occur on this date.  Well, I  don’t mean to disappoint you but we have already been experiencing this transformative for quite awhile now!  Everything will look the same the following day.  You may not notice much difference in the “storefront” appearances of people but there have been and we are continuing to experience major shifts and changes within us!  The old energy is being brought to the surface – what we are experiencing as “chaos or havoc” in our lives – and this is being accentuated even more so than ever!  Old emotions/mental patterns are being released at an accelerated rate and there is a heightened sense within us and  that there is something “more within you” but you just can’t seem to place a finger on it!  This energy change is somewhat like the process of creating a piece of petrified wood – i.e., the old is being replaced with the new on all levels!  It is a replacement of old energies with the new higher vibrational frequencies.  I have been working with many folks to help smooth out the bumps on this process.  It really is helping you really embrace the feeling of freedom that has always been in your heart space!  Your light and love is being uncovered and the burdens you have been carrying around are being released and this is literally setting you free!  You also may have observed that your sense of linear time is changing as well!  Time flies when it doesn’t exist!  I have been assisting in aligning, attenuating and calibrating the changes taking place within the physical body to help these major changes and shifts to continue to develop within your bodysuits!  I have seen and felt wonderful changes within the people I work with on a daily basis!  If you have been experiencing more ups and downs lately, schedule a session!  You will be glad you did!  Life should be Fun!  Change your Energy, Change your Life!  Get into the Flow!.............Namaste………Dake it Easy………..Michael


October 2012

        With this last full moon of this weekend, there has been a culmination of intense energy of the past three months, the energies in my sessions have certainly been heightened – more and more people are experiencing very large shifts in their awareness.  Many people are being given the message that it is okay to get out of the minutia and they are really listening to that message!    In other words, leave the details to the universe (how’s and why’s) and just focus on the end result of whatever they have asked for within their heart.  So, instead of doing the same old thing or procedure and such, the awareness is being awakened and permission has been granted to let go of everything old!  Also, there has been a much more rapid acceleration in old patterns/programs being removed/dissolved and dissipated within the last couple of months.  It is extremely interesting to see people experience very incredible “spiritual” instances that would not normally be defined as being spiritual!  These changes are setting us up to be ready to pleasantly expect the unexpected – which comes from the Law of Expectancy, which therein lies within everyone’s heart.  This meaning, that what you ask for in within your heart, you shall receive because you have aligned your desires with your request.  This is totally different than the Law of Expectations, which is under Karmic Law.  This means that it has been created outside of the heart (read mental/ego construct) and is therefore fraught with the emotional gamut that we experience as disappointment, fear and disillusionment, etc.  When you allow yourself to create and experience with unconditional love from your heart, you can have anything and as much of whatever you desire – there is no limit.  You come from a position of abundance.  This is being in the flow or under the grace of God.  If you create outside of your heart, then you are under the Law of Karma, subject to limitations, constraints and restrictions – not to mention fear, mistrust and other not so wonderful emotional states we have created.  You come from a position of lack!  When you allow yourself to be in your heart as much as possible, then there are no limits and nothing is too small to ask for.  So always be in your heart, ask for assistance from your team (they can’t help if you don’t ask because they have to respect your choice of free will) and you will notice that things start to flow much more easily into your life.  Nothing is forced or coerced from your heart space.  So, if you are experiencing some ups and downs, get centered, grounded and get into your heart space.  Then ask your team for help, then sit, wait (remember, this has NO time or space element, listen for your answer, and then act on the answer you have received.  You will notice that things will become much more spiritual without you trying to do so much.  In fact, you will be able to do more and more by doing less and less!  We are here to create and experience all things possible.  We have forgotten that is is OKAY to let go of the experiences that we have created so we can create new things to be created (and I have been told that there are a gadzillion things that have not yet been created or experienced!).  So, as it is said, “Let go, Let God!”  They certainly were not kidding around with this!  Forgive yourself Unconditionally for Everything!  Life should be fun!  Get into the Flow!  Change Your Energy, Change your Life!  Let me assist you with your journey
                      ..............Peace-Love-Light…….…………Dake it Easy……………….Michael



August 2012


      I have been using the Re-Calibrate, Re-Align and Rejuvenate action sequence to allow an integration of the changes that occur during each individual healing session.So when I invoke the Release-Remove-Repair-Restore-ReSoul sequence to assist in clearing old energy patterns/paradigms/programs, I follow up with the Re-Calibrate, Re-Align and Rejuvenate sequence.Re-Calibration is a crucial step in making sure that all the new energies that have been brought in to replace the old energies are vibrating at the correct frequency with the client’s dimensional bodies and that the new energies are compatible and stable.  Re-Align comesinto play as the energies that have been properly calibrated can now be aligned on all dimensional levels – at least a 6 dimensional alignment is done (some folks can handle an 8 D alignment – but not too many yet at this point in linear time!).Re-Alignment helps to connect, integrate and create a new system of new matrices that support the new energies and the higher flows in all dimensional levels.Re-Alignment allows a higher flow (volume and frequency) of energies to assist the client to become who they really are!Rejuvenate is the action that follows the Re-Calibration and Re-Alignment.As you are being adjusted to the new energies and flows, you will start to feel changes in all your dimensions.The clearing work that you have done helps slow down the chronological aging process and you feel lighter!  And just recently, within the last 6 weeks, I have added Re-Set and Activate to the sequence.Re-Set and Activate is in linewith the accelerated changes in the energies that we have been recently been experiencing in the past 3 months. We are literally “pressing” the Re-Set button and Activating the new energies to provide seamless cohesion with the structural changes of our physical bodies we currently are experiencing!Sessions are taking on much more profound dimensional configurations at a consistently accelerated pace!This is Way Cool Stuff!Remember, Life should be Fun!

Change your Energy, Change your Life!


July 2012

Release!  Remove! Repair! Restore! Re-Soul!

      After the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, I was asked by a number of people of “What do you mean by the term Re-Soul" (this alliteration is on my cards and my website).   Re-Soul was given to me after I had been working with the original words – Release, Remove, Repair, Restore – while doing clearing work for my clients.   It may be easier to understand this process by using an analogy of individual cells in the physical body.  The individual cells define our “shape” of our physical body.  With the clearing process (clearing Karmic events that we have created outside of our heart space that are “stuck”) in the physical body, here are the steps: 

                1) we ask to Release the “stuck” energy pattern, program or paradigm
                    that we are targeting; 
                2) then, we ask to have the pattern, program or paradigm to be Removed
                3) then we ask to Repair the “hole/damage” that was caused by the
                    pattern,program or
                4) then we ask to Restore the “hole/damage” to its perfect template form.

        With the rapidly changing energies events (starting about 3 years ago), I was guided to add Re-Soul to the string.  Re-Soul means that as we clear the stuck energy (steps 1 to 4), we step up in our vibrational frequencies for each individual cell in the physical body.  Each individual cell has a “Soul” – all of these individual cells make up your composite “Soul”.  So when you take out old “stuck” energy of the cells, you have to replace it with new energy – this is the kind of the very high frequency energy that little kids have (energy cannot be destroyed, just transmuted and once transmuted it  is available for use after it has been ”scrubbed”  and sent back into the universal energy grid).  The new energy literally “Re-Souls” you!  In other words, you have removed the “space junk” from your cells and then you literally become who you really are!  This is why you feel better after clearing “dis-eases” from your physical body.  So also be aware that clearing also simultaneously occurs on many different levels when you do a session.  So that leads to the Re-Calibrate, Re-Align, Rejuvenate string that applies after you have done a clearing.  This second part of the process helps hold the new energy frequencies so that you can expand “within” to new and higher vibrational dimensions.

        The energies since the Solstice (June 20) have been amazing!  I have observed many different cloud formations that I have never seen before!  I have also noticed a very subtle difference in the “brightness and clarity” to the light (colors) of the sun and all things (especially people, animals and plants) than I have experienced before the Solstice.   My sessions have been very much enhanced as the energy has taken on new and higher vibrations.  This has allowed folks to be taken to a deeper level of expansion!  This is Way Cool Stuff!  July promises to bring many changes that were “staged” for take-off in May and June!  Let me assist you on your journey! Remember, Life should be Fun!  Get into the Flow!  Change your Energy, Change your Life!

 May 2012

Year of the Dragon?......Think Again!

                Many of you have heard that this is the Chinese Year of the Dragon and that is true.  However, what is much more really important, it has been officially replaced by what I have designated as “The Year of the Dumpster!”  With all the major changes in the energies that have taken place within the last eight or so months, I am seeing numerous folks that are experiencing an overload of emotions being presented to them ALL at once!    Old energies and paradigms are coming to us at a more rapid pace to the surface than before and they are certainly ready to be released – but that can be daunting.   Yes, it can be quite overwhelming to try to choose which emotional situation to deal with first!  It is like you are setting your table to sit down to eat and then plate after plate of “stuff” keeps being placed on your table.  Pretty soon, it full and there is not enough room on the table and plates keep on coming!  It is much like the situation that happened in Fantasia’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice with the water and brooms getting way out of hand!  What to do?   This is akin to the darkness before the dawn.  You now have permission to allow yourself to take as many of the plates of “stuff” on your table and put them in the Dumpster (this is not your ordinary garbage can – it is the 40 foot blue monster Dumpster!) Dump Plate and ALL into the Dumpster!  By dumping all these old energies, patterns and paradigms, it helps you get out from under all the weight of these burdens – literally, giving you a new lease on life!  I was given a wonderful vision on how to get these plates off your table in a very satisfying manner:  You get yourself a handy-dandy 5th century catapult, then load up then pull the release rope and launch your “stuff” (or turn the “stuff” into pumpkins!) and let ‘er fly to yon distant dumpster!    That should make you smile!  As your table begins to be cleared, you feel lighter and freer and in essence, you Change your Energy, you Change your Life!  Make this your “Year of the Dumpster!  I can assist you on getting your table cleared and it is a lot of fun to launch the catapult knowing that this “stuff” can be flung into the dumpster!  Life should be fun!  Get into the Flow!  Go in the Grace of God and Change your Energy, Change your Life! 

April 2012

Are you being bothered by the barking dog?


                Now suppose that it is a nice sunny summer day and you have the opportunity to go out to your back yard, grab the big foldout lawn chair to take time to sit back and relax and possibly get forty winks in the process!  You have just sat down and leaned your head back in the chair and you start to drift as you begin to relax.  “This is good”, you say to yourself.  Then, all of a sudden, the neighbor’s dog starts to bark!  What you do next, is very important.  Typically, you REACT like you always have reacted!  That is, you get upset! You let the barking get under your skin! You ask, “Why does the stupid dog have to bark and interfere with your relaxation time?”   You become annoyed and now you are looking at ways to get the dog to shut up!  So you consider some of your old standby options like: 1) Yelling at the dog - which just makes the dog bark more and it seems louder! and it doesn’t make any difference at all, but hey, you rationalize, it made me “even” with the dog!; 2) You march into your house and make a phone call to the neighbor and leave a not-so-nice message (there, that will teach him a thing or two AND it makes you feel better because if his stupid dog can interrupt my relaxation time, then I can get back at the neighbor by insulting and threatening him!  So There!); 3) Fold up the lawn chair and stomp into the house and fume for hours about the barking of the dog and how it ruined your afternoon and thus everything else you had planned for the rest of the day!  Now suppose that you changed the way you reacted or in this case, ACTED.  You do something different – what a novel concept!  You change the energy of the situation.   This time, you allow the dog to bark.  The dog has every right to bark as much and as long as it desires.  Now, what you are doing is becoming Non-Resistant to the barking.  You become undisturbed – you don’t let it bother you.  When you resist something, more of what you resist or become upset/disturbed by will be coming your way.  You have to let go of the resistant!  When you let go of the resistant, then there is nothing to draw something that annoys you to you!  When you become non-resistant, you are operating in your heart space.  In your heart space, there is no resistance to anything!  In the case of the barking dog, if you become non-resistant to the barking, then invariably what happens is that the dog stops barking a very short time later (Because one of the following occurs: the owner quiets the dog/takes the dog inside/the dog falls asleep/or just simply stops barking!).  You then can rest and enjoy your afternoon in the back yard.   Find out how many barking dogs you have and then being aware of them, start to become non-resistant and undisturbed by whatever is creating your barking dog (remember, you have created ALL your barking dogs all by yourself!  AND you can dissolve and dissipate all of them by yourself!).  ACT instead of REACTING to your barking dog incidents – this changes your energy and puts you into your heart space within you.  In your heart space, there is only Non-Resistance!  You don’t attract the barking dog to you!  I can assist you in releasing your barking dogs!  Change your Energy, Change your Life.  Life Should be Fun, so BE in the flow and go in the grace of God!         



March 2012

Are You “In Your Zone”?

     There is a wonderful feeling when you are in a flow or state of grace – you can call it being “In the Zone”.  Many of us are familiar with hearing stories or watching athletes perform astonishing feats while being  “In the Zone”.    Spirit was kind enough to provide me with an excellent example of how to get “Into Your Zone”!  I recently had a session with a client who came to see me to help de-stress his incredibly stressful life, much of which was being influenced by his high maintenance job.  He works in a fast paced computer IT environment – which he described as being busy 36/7!  His head was and has been very BUSY with mind-chatter and it was overwhelming him (and that was an understatement!).  Anyway, before the session began, I did ask if had tried to do something to decrease his stress level and he mentioned that he rides competitively in bike races – and he is very good at it as well!  I asked him if he feels the mental chatter when he is riding his bike.  The answer, which was not surprising to me, was NO!  He somehow tunes out the mental chatter and was really unaware that he did so until I pointed it out to him.  Then I saw the “light bulb” come on!  This was really a good thing!  In other words,  when he is on his bike, whether he is racing or not, the mental chatter disappears.  This is because he is “In His Zone”.  He is creating from his heart and it is his passion to be on his bike.  He BECOMES his passion!  He does not have “think” – he just does!  There is not ANY mental chatter in your heart – only love!  When you create from your heart, you are “In the Zone” automatically!  You are in the flow and in a state of grace.  In his case, there are (pardon the pun) NO roadblocks or obstacles in his path when he is riding his bike!    I told him the focus of his session was to get on his bike and then, after the race was over – STAY ON THE BIKE!  In other words, expand your zone so that everything you do becomes your passion.  You operate from the heart space instead of the head (ego mind).  Magic happens when you are in your heart space!  You have all that you need within yourself!  You are never left wanting for anything when you are in your heart space.   Every time you get out of your heart space, things tend to go awry – your ego mind wants to take over for everything and then you get asked, “So how’s that workin’ for ya? HUH?”   It makes living your life that much more difficult in this physical left-brained conscious world that we live.  So, you really do have a choice – Stay on Your “Bike”!  Become your passion so that the passion becomes you!  Expand your Zone and Stay there always!  Be in Your Zone!  Change your Energy, Change your Life!

February 2012


Coming to a Theatre Near You!.....New Film at Eleven!


            Is it time to check the message on your theatre marquee?  In another, yet, wonderful session, I was given a clear vision on how important it is to change the message on your very own theatre marquee on a regular basis.  You should be asking yourself each day, “What’s playing today?”   What is on your theatre marquee?   Do you get the feeling that after every day ends and you have experienced the MOVIE of your daily projected reality, the story didn’t get any better than the day before?   And then the next day, you managed to play the same MOVIE as yesterday AND that you had wanted and expected changes in your MOVIE script but nothing happene! Then you complain that you are watching the same old thing over and over! Well, you need to check the message on the marquee and see what it is saying!  What are you asking for and are you really allowing yourself to receive it?  Or, are you standing in the way of yourself – blocking your manifestations such as in engaging the ego (mind) first?!  In other words, you are not in the flow or aligned with your desires.   You try to force things to happen.  This is akin to asking for something (as in manifesting your desires) and then putting barriers in the way for you to receive it.   You know what you asked for, but somehow you have placed something in the way of yourself preventing you from receiving what you asked for.  Take for example the following scenario:   You decide to order something from a catalog and pick up the phone and place your order (ask for something that you desire), then you hang up the phone and then anxiously await for it to arrive at your doorstep.  So upon hearing the delivery man ring your doorbell with the delivery of your desired item, you start to run to the front door BUT before you get to the front door, you inexplicably move your refrigerator into your hallway blocking your way to the front door and then complain that you can’t get through to the front door!  So now what!!? The pathway to the front door is blocked by the refrigerator as you somehow have forgotten that you put the refrigerator in your way.   You know that there is the package that you ordered on the front doorstep but you can’t get through hallway to the front door, so, you, try to make the best of this “bad” situation!   You seem to think the only option have is one that you have been conditioned to react (read old programming!), i.e., I will have to settle for less, because that is how I have always dealt with situations like this and besides the  refrigerator is in the way and it is big and heavy!  And I really didn’t deserve what I asked for when I placed my order anyway!  So, in settling for less (AGAIN) and allowing yourself to be confined within another ego (mind) create

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