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Illuminate your Heart Meditation

Illuminate your Heart

a gift from spirit

6 minute Heart Enhancement

Please enjoy this new healing video. Remember to turn on your speakers or put on your headphones for an expanded experience, sit back, put your full attention on expanding your heart space, center your focus on the onscreen healing heart and allow yourself the pleasure of receiving the loving gifts the Divine Spirit has in store for you.

I encourage you to bookmark this page and put aside 6 minutes a day (or more) in order to receive the illuminations that this Heart Enhancement healing session has to offer you!

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Here is an example of how powerful this 6 minute Heart Meditation can be:

I love your Illuminate your Heart meditation! I was having really bad anxiety today, worse than I have had in a long time and I found 10 minutes to just sit and watch. It immediately relaxed me, like the entity that was the anxiety just got sucked right up out of my being. It enabled me to focus on the visuals in the meditation instead of my anxiety and panic and allowed me to breath and release. Please post more of these, they are extremely beneficial and left me with such a sense of peace and calm that I am able to function again...CM, Vancouver, WA


Music provided by Dr. Harry Henshaw - visit his website for more incredible music and services! Enhanced Healing

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