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Soul Flow Re-Generation Methods and Techniques

Soul Flow Regeneration

What is Soul Flow Regeneration?  It is a continuous process of raising your current vibrational frequencies to higher levels using metaphysical techniques and methods.  By implementing these methods and techniques, it will allow you to access and accelerate your healing and to enhance your abilities to help you heal on all levels.  Clearing work is an extremely important element in Soul Flow Regeneration.  It is the foundation of your personal healing and healing of others.  The process of clearing allows you to find “blocks’ on all planes and dimensions in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.  Using the tools of Soul Flow Regeneration allows you to clear and remove Karmic and Ancestral programs/paradigms that present themselves as a Physical Dis-Ease in the human body.  Everything that you experience and is expressed in the physical body as a physical dis-ease is from an emotional or mental construct that is being repeating from an uncleared Karmic cycle.   Soul Flow Regeneration gives you an understanding of which techniques to use in order to clear the program/paradigm from the source of the problem so that it can be dissolved and removed.  This is not about treating the symptoms, this is all about removing the source of the issues!

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Life should be Fun, so get into the Flow!

Accelerate your Healing!

Release! Remove! Reverse! Repair! Restore! Re-Soul! Receive!

Re-Calibrate - Relax - Rejuvenate

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       In my sixteen years of providing healing facilitation and clearing work for my clients, I truly believe that reaching Energetic Clarity is the key to achieving greater Enlightenment.  Soul Flow Regeneration Clearing during sessions allows you to attain higher and more vibrant vibrational frequencies.  Intuitive Healing taps into the "knowing" that we each possess.

      The “knowing” is always the truth and it comes from the heart (the source of  pure unconditional God Source love).  A session, either energetic or massage, includes Chakra Balancing and Alignment and Aura Cleansing.  This allows you to release energies that are no longer serving your highest interests on each of the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels.  The sessions are designed to encourage relaxation and create a method to allow you to "get out of the way of yourself".  

      In other words, get out of your head and into your heart!  Individual sessions can vary widely for each client and range from simple stress relief to emotional clearing to spiritual growth. Each session is unique and amazing!  I recommend a session on at least a monthly basis - it is a wonderful way to relieve and release the stress that you accumulate.  Accelerate your Healing!  The more often you schedule a session, the better you will feel!  It allows you to be in the flow and helps you get into a state of grace - it makes this left-brained physical world much easier to enjoy! Please email or call/text message to schedule a session!

       I have performed Long Distance Sessions with people in Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Hawaii, Utah, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DC, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Wyoming, Maine, South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Spain, Bahamas, Mexico, Peru and Brazil!  Accelerate your healing!  Please email or call/text message to schedule a Long Distance Session today!

      Or sign up for a Duo "Proxy" Long Distance Sessions - for example, if you wanted to be able to provide an energetic session with a loved one or friend who may live outside of the area or cannot come into the office, you would come into the office, get on the table and be the proxy for your loved one.  You get to relax and unwind and your loved one/friend is the recipient of the energetic session as if they were on the table themselves!  This is pretty amazing stuff!   Please email or call/text message to schedule a Duo "Proxy" Long Distance Session today!

      Whether you choose an Energetic session, a Massage session, a Combination session,  a Long Distance session or a Duo "Proxy" Long Distance session, you will be glad you did!  Accelerate your Healing!  ......Namaste.......Dake it Easy........Michael


    Donations of any amount are accepted and heartily blessed!  A donation allows me to help defer operational costs and allows me to reach more and more people that are seeking freedom and light!  Dake it Easy...........Namaste.................Michael  



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